Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A breif stop in the comical blog to send love to Goderich

Unfortunately, last Sunday My fiance's Home town of Goderich, ON. was ravaged by an F3 Tornado. Environment Canada says the initial rating of the tornado indicates that it was “...a high end Fujita scale 2 - (winds up to 240 km/h) - or low end Fujita scale three" (winds near 250 km/h). 

I am sorry to report one causualty of the storm. My heart goes out to Normand Laberge, his wife and Family. Laberge was 61 years of age and working in the Sifto Salt mine shipping boom when the tornado struck. The Salt mine was crippled in the destructive path of the tornado.

37 minor injuries have been reported. I hope the figure remains this way , The tornado Tore into town heading towards the Courthouse Square [downtown Goderich] Ripping roofs off of homes and destroying many entirely in its path. The Courthouse park ( I refer to as "the circle" ) has been utterly devestated to say the least ... Some buisnesses are gone and quite a few apartments in the upper floors of the square and surrounding streets.

I heard about the forming tornado just moments before it was to touch down. Frankly I've never felt a fear like I had during that 2 hour wait. Downed power and obstructed communication to family and friends leaving many residents and family from out of town in panic. The first call i received was from Kimberly owner of Monster Kookies. I featured her as a local artist on this blog not too long ago. I was relieved to hear that her entire family and fiancé are safe! The next call was of concern as people where missing ... Third, My fiancés mother called to say she was safe, but could not find his brother, who was found half a hour [that felt like an eternity] later.

Huron County quickly sprang into action receiving staggering amounts of help from construction workers to people opening their homes, offering beds, showers and food.  donations have been given (and continue to mound) from clothes to food to cash. The provincial government has pledged $5 million to help clean the home that was dubbed "the prettiest town in Canada".

I've donated jewellery to a recenty organized benefit auction. These pieces are made from stones and fossils gathered in the Goderich's St. Christopher's beach or assenbled using pieces from Goderich thrift stores. 100% of the revenue areto help raise funds for the families left with nothing after this horrible storm. I can not even begin to thank the stars that no one else was hurt. If you would like to help out this small town you can do so in a number of ways but please remember NO ONE CAN ENTER TOWN there are numerous gas leaks and it is under a state of emergency.

United Way is running a cash donation link. There is also the benefit auction, bids are being placed as we speak. These items are donated, the proceeds go directly to the community, so pick up a nice gift for someone and help tornado victims in the process!

Below are links to the auction and a very touching video made showcasing the damage 

Auction -

Information on people and where you can leave donations