Wednesday, 16 November 2011

5 Tips For aspiring wire artists

I am not pro but I like to take pride in m work. I think its fairly good some some tips I have learned are now for you. Shuuussssh Don't tell anyone;)

1) Invest in good pliers and snips
It really is worth the investment. I made the mistake in the start of using poor quality and it destroyed what could have been good work.

Some stores over charge on wire. Give a few shops a try first.

3) Make your own needles.
If you need a double strand of wire make your own needle not only will it fit the bead your working with or part. You wont be caught stuck needing a needle on the chance you do not have one. This also leaves you chance to work better with glass beads. They shatter easily.

4) DO not seal your wire
I am serious do not seal it in any type of acrylic, Gel, Spray, Glue. You can ruin the copper then you are right at the start.

5) Wrap TIGHT.

I know how painful it is on the hands. But wrap as tightly as you can. Not only are you ensuring long lasting life it makes it look better. Pull with pliers to make it even tighter. always use extra.

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