Monday, 17 October 2011

They never told me I would secretly be afraid of becoming Vegan

II I am on an adventure to become Vegan. 
I am not making the girl do this FYI She can choose when she is older. 
Me and the man have been changing our diet's over the last few months, We have just decided we may as well go full Vegan ( whilst still remaining ANTI PETA ). I am prepared for the possibility of a B12 deficiency but I am prepared to supplement. I will be blogging about this daily with my recipes and discovery.

Today's menu

Chili and Tamales

Chili Non Carne  <--- See what I did there?

1 Large onion chopped
2-3 Cloves of Garlic

2 Tins of chopped tomatoes 400g

2 sticks of celery

Squeeze of tomato puree

1 teaspoon of chilli powder or chopped fresh chilli (or to taste)

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

Dash of Worcester sauce (secret)

1 pinch of cinnamon (secret)

Sprinkle of salt and pepper

1-2 Chopped red peppers

2 tin of drained kidney beans about 800g (Protein)

1 cup Soy beans (iron)

1 cup Okra cut very fine (calcium)
1 small piece of DARK chocolate or sprinkle of cacao power (secret) I use abueleto Mexican hot chocolate bricks 

1 small bunch of fresh coriander and

Use a large pan (probably the largest you have) with a nice lid.

Fry Onion and Garlic until light brown  with your choice I use Vegan Ghee from A Indian Supermarket
Add all dry spices and Seasoning stir well coating everything
Add all the Vegetables Then add Beans
Add chopped Tomatoes and reduce heat to low Stir well adding Tomato Puree to Thicken as needed and the Worcester Sauce Leave to simmer for one hour with Lid AJAR
Add Remaining items or extra if you like Cook until suited to your taste but I would suggest do not over cook Vegetables

Tamales Con The Mom
This is a super simple basic Tamale recipe with NO MEAT

I do not use Corn husks as they are far too over priced here, At 9 dollars a bag and waste I do not want. So I am using plastic Tamale Wrappers that are reusable.
Now all recipes I have ever found call for unreal amounts of ingredients for large amounts ... I have a family of three So I improvised until it tasted good, and bang I make enough for us to have two each adult and one for the girl

Stuffing Now most call for pork I use beans <3 Yummy beans
one medium can mixed beans
  Half Teaspoon salt (or less )
  Half large Onion, coarsely chopped
  1 Large Garlic clove
  3 whole Pepper corn roughly ground
  Quarter  teaspoon  whole cumin seeds
  Quarter teaspoon Mexican oregano
  Quarter teaspoon ground cinnamon
  1/3 teaspoon black pepper
  Quarter teaspoon paprika

Cook beans with one tea spoon of oil or Ghee *vegan*
Add all ingredients now if you have a processor or blender this works even better add all ingredients when cool to machine and turn into paste or chunky ISH mix 

2-3 Cups Masa Tamale Corn Flour
1/4  tablespoons paprika
salt to taste tablespoons salt
1/3 tablespoons chili powder
1/3  tablespoons garlic powder OR TO TASTE
Ghee 3 Tea spoon OR 2 oil
2 cups Vegetable broth

In a large bowl (and I mean a very large bowl),
Using clean hands, work the dry ingredients together, mixing well so that you don’t end up with clumps of spices (this wouldn’t taste too good, and the rest of the Masa would not be seasoned well).
Once you have the Masa flour and the other dry ingredients well combined, add the oil or ghee all at once. 
Continue to work this with your hands, mixing the oil or ghee into the dry ingredients. Once this is distributed well, begin adding the warm  broth, little by little . Keep mixing, and adding broth, until your Masa is the consistency of paste or peanut butter. You will probably be using both hands before you get to this point. NOTE: You may need to add more Masa mix, or more liquid as you are mixing so you obtain the right consistency.  

you can use parchment paper also cut long triangles to resemble husks place a fairly good layer of tamale paste then add filling rolling from one edge to create a cylinder effect. Steam tamales
steam them for TWO HOURS 
as a side dish I will be serving spinach salad
This is a day long adventure. GOOD LUCK 

Love The Mom 

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