Friday, 21 October 2011

They never told me one person could make my day awesome

 I was having a rather. Shitty  , Terrible, Dragging.

Ok just plain garbage morning. Walking to the Doctors as my whole household is sick. A man came out of the mall just looked at me the man and the girl and said

" What beautiful people, One love , One love."

I pondered that "One love" line for a split second and beamed I said "You are as well".

Frankly he turned my crap-tacular day into something awesome. With that very simple gesture Sir if you happen to peruse the internet and see this I want to say thank you.
You brought up my day immensely and I appreciate that.

Where I am getting with this post is we as brothers and sisters very much so need to remember that we are all bound by this planet called "Earth". Unanimously bound by cosmic forces we will never understand. We need to treat one another better Do not glare if someone looks at you, Smile compliment, Small things like this go so very far.

Much Love , One Love

The Mom

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